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How to Create a Junk Removal Content Marketing Plan to Drive More Website Traffic

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A junk removal content marketing campaign can be one of the most cost-effective ways to market our business online, attract qualified leads, and convert more customers. SEO is a long-term play, and while the results aren’t overnight, it can deliver the best ROI when compared to other marketing and advertising options.

When you commit to executing a content marketing campaign you are committing to the long game, and publishing content regularly without getting discouraged if you see little to no uptick in traffic over the first few months.

While fast results would be nice, the spammy tactics that can help drive results faster can lead to website penalties and even being deindexed from Google entirely. The risk simply isn’t worth it. On the other hand, when you take the time to create a junk removal search marketing effort built around content marketing the results are safe and have long-term return potential.

Image if you were able to compound your organic traffic numbers month after month simply by publishing more blog content. Even if it was just 300 visitors per month, after one year of consistent blogging would yield you 3,600 extra visitors per month after just one year.

If you are ready to commit to publishing quality junk removal blog content, consider the following tips when mapping out your strategy. Following this advice will help you drive more quality traffic to your website that is looking for a local junk removal company.

Optimize and Publish Content Targeting Local Keywords

Keywords will make or break your entire content marketing effort. Targeting the correct ones can not only get you top page exposure fairly quickly with solid on-page optimization, but the traffic the posts bring to your website will be of the utmost quality. This creates a high rate of conversions and over time this can scale, creating incredible growth opportunities.

So, how do you select the best junk removal service keywords to create blog content around? Here are some important things to consider.

The keyword’s intent is more important than its search volume: Avoid targeting generic keywords that have no sign of hiring intent. For example, ranking nationwide for “junk removal” would drive thousands of website visitors a day, but unless they were all located within proximity to your business there would be a zero percent chance of them converting. Ranking for “junk removal in [your location]” might have a significantly lower number of searches, but those visitors are likely to be looking to hire in your area.

Focus on answering questions: A lot of consumers will search by asking questions, like “how much does it cost to hire a junk removal company in [your location].” If they come in contact with a blog post that breaks down the cost and answers their questions there is a good chance they will contact your business for more information.

Optimize heavily for locations you service: Location-based keywords are always worth creating content around, as you know traffic that comes from these terms is local and looking for a solution. If your content and offer are appealing, your lead volume will be high in relation to your total traffic numbers for each post.

Optimize all on-page factors for one keyword: Create one blog post for each keyword. While it may seem like you can reduce the amount of content needed if you target multiple keywords per article, the content will never perform to its fullest potential because the on-page factors aren’t targeting a single term. If you need help with your on-page optimization, consider using a plugin to help guide you. For WordPress users, Yoast SEO is a great free option.

The more content you can publish the better, as it can take some time for a new blog to have its posts indexed and available in the search results. As your website authority increases, Google will begin to crawl it more regularly and its indexing rate will improve.

Pitch Guest Posts to National High Authority Blogs and Websites

Your content marketing effort doesn’t have to exist entirely on your blog, and guest posting on relevant websites is a great way to not only drive referral traffic back to your junk removal website but also earn links, which are a strong off-site optimization strategy required if you want to increase your website’s domain authority.

Guest posting is considered a valuable link earning strategy because it’s a value-add delivered to both sides. You, the guest poster, can be seen as an expert in the field of junk removal and earn a backlink, whereas the website you are posting on receives an informative piece of content for its readers to benefit from.

There are a few things you will want to look for when identifying potential guest posting opportunities:

Strong domain SEO metrics: Strong metrics in terms of Domain Authority, Domain Rank, and Page Authority are good indications that the website receives a decent amount of traffic and a link would provide a nice SEO boost.

Proof of activity and engagement: Sometimes metrics can be artificially inflated, so always look at existing content. Look for a good number of social shares or comments. A tool like BuzzSumo can help you identify popular blog posts based on topics and keywords.

Formal guest post submission process: It’s best to target websites that you know accept guest posts rather than pitching blind. This results in a much better success rate.

Always pitch your guest post with a strong article topic already in mind. A blog is more likely to bite if you give them a great topic angle rather than just say, “Hey I want to send you a guest post.”

Develop a Local Press Distribution List

Any time you publish a new blog post you will want to share it on social media, but it also doesn’t hurt to create your own distribution list that you email each time you have something of high quality to share.

This is a great way to not only get additional traffic on your post, but it also amplifies your content to the point that it begins to attract naturally earned links regularly. We cannot stress enough how important being consistent is.

Some targets to include on your internal press distribution list include:

Local news reporters: Small market news stations are always looking for local-based information, both for on-air, but even more so when it comes to their website. Many affiliate stations repurpose national news stories, but there is always an opportunity to secure a link and mention if you have something newsworthy to blog about.

Local DIY bloggers: There are smaller blogs for almost any niche imaginable, so search for local or regional blogs that focus on DIY projects and home remodeling and renovation. These are great audiences that align with your junk removal services. Landing mentions on these blogs can also be leveraged as powerful social proof on your website.

Local realtors: When a home is put on the market the homeowner will often need to remove old furniture or accumulated junk that they have collected over the years. Hiring a junk removal company is common, as it eliminates the need to move those unwanted possessions to the new location. Write some helpful blogs on why junk removal is a great choice for those relocating, and then pitch to local real estate offices.

Always thank those that take the time to share your content on social media, link to it on their blog, or share it via a newsletter. This simple gesture will make them more apt to share again in the future and continue to help promote your junk removal services to their audience.

Final Thoughts

A junk removal content marketing campaign has the potential to attract quality prospects to your website when your entire effort is built around targeting the correct keywords. The majority of organic search engine optimization efforts focus on the wrong terms, and not only do they waste a substantial amount of time ranking those terms, but the end result is traffic that simply doesn’t convert into customers.

A blog post that consistently attracts 100 organic visitors per month and converts three customers is more effective than a post that attracts 3,000 visitors and converts a single customer.

Each blog post that you publish continues to “work” every month, and as your content marketing effort scales so does the end result – more visitors, leads, and customers. If you would like to learn more about our content marketing services for junk removal companies, please contact us today for more information.

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