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How Social Media Can Generate Repeat Business for a Junk Removal Company

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Creating an effective social media marketing strategy for a junk removal company can be difficult, especially when the content is redundant and doesn’t captivate its audience. Many businesses make the mistake of posting advertisements and special offers, creating a social media feed that accomplishes the complete opposite of its goal of attracting potential customers.

A junk removal business needs to have a social media presence, as there are several benefits – it helps with SEO, as it gives your company more page-one real estate on Google and Facebook, for example, acts as a local business directory with its detailed listing information and reviews.

While you want to use your social media platforms to share special offers, the content cannot be 100% promotional. Very few consumers, if any, are going to follow a business page if it’s going to clog their feed with advertisements.

There is a strategy that you must follow, both in terms of posting frequency and the type of content shared, if you want to not only attract a following but also convert that following into junk removal customers for your business.

We are going to cover some junk removal social media strategies that require nothing more than effort. You don’t need any special cameras or editing software – mobile phones have incredibly high-quality cameras. Follow these tips to take your social media marketing to the next level and turn it into one of your best ROI marketing channels.

Post Junk Removal Social Media Content with Humor and Viral Sharing in Mind

One of the easiest ways to increase your social media engagement is to post funny content. Humor is the most effective way to draw attention, and all it takes is for some users to find it funny enough to share.

The odds of a potential customer coming in contact with your posts on social media while searching for a junk removal company online are very low. But, if you can ‘touch’ a large group of local consumers with a funny viral image or video it provides you an opportunity to introduce your business to them in a non-promotional manner.

Let’s pretend you share a funny meme about a hoarder buried in junk. A room overflowing with junk. You can create your own or find a meme based on hoarding that performed well in the past and edit the caption and add your company branding – social handles, logo, website, and phone number – to make it your own version. If it begins to gain momentum through shares and tagging, it’s going to drive attention to your business.

This allows you to generate interest from an entire consumer base that has no intention of hiring a junk removal company before engaging with your social media content. While there is no incentive for anyone to share a post you make containing a special offer or discount, a funny meme or funny video is different – it allows them to be the person that delivers humor to their followers.

A well-timed meme or viral video can give your junk removal business more exposure for free than any paid channel would deliver using traditional advertisements.

Apply All of Your Focus and Energy on the Correct Visual and Video Social Media Platforms

Picking the right social media platforms to market your junk removal business on is very important. One mistake many businesses make is trying to be present and active on all of them. This is the wrong approach, as some simply don’t have users that are ideal candidates for a junk removal service.

For example, Snapchat and TikTok is a very young demographic. While they are very popular platforms, they would be a waste of time as the average age of their users is far below that of a typical homeowner.

Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter, however, are platforms that cater to older users and present you with a good opportunity to connect with local consumers. The best-performing posts will always be those that are heavy on visual content.

Long-winded text-based posts will be scrolled past – nobody wants to spend the time reading on social media. They are scrolling quickly through their feeds, so you need something visually appealing to command attention, even if just for a couple of seconds.

Funny videos and jaw-dropping images that cause the user to do a double-take while scrolling are the best way of grabbing attention and hopefully some return engagement – a like, share, or a tag.

Empower Employees to Show Personalities on Your Junk Removal Company’s Social Media Feeds

Getting your employees involved helps accomplish two things that help create a thriving social media following.

  1. It puts people and personalities as the ‘face’ of your junk removal business. The average consumer is going to connect better to a person rather than a faceless name and logo. Social media allows you to let your employees showcase their personalities. A business with a social feed consisting of people that are fun to watch and engage with will always outperform a feed consisting of just advertisements and promotional posts.

  2. It gives you an endless supply of content. When you empower your employees to share posts and create content this is one less thing you have to worry about – and spend money on. They can share videos and photos while on the job, highlighting different bits of information. This is a great way to build trust and paint your business as the premier junk removal company.

Create ‘A Day in the Life’ Content to Provide a Unique Look into the Services You Offer

Posting unique content on social media is a great way to attract attention, and every business has an opportunity to create interesting content simply by pulling back the curtains and giving followers a look at the daily life of a junk removal business.

From the different kinds of junk removal jobs to the equipment used to haul away junk and the disposal methods used after the job is completed. Each of these is an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your business that could be deemed interesting to some followers.

Start small by posting Instagram Stories – and cross-posting them to Facebook and Twitter. If you see them performing well and it’s resulting in a larger following, consider taking it a step further and creating a YouTube channel and doing a vlog series.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, right behind Google, and this is something many junk removal companies ignore. A popular video series on YouTube can help you pull search traffic from a local market if you optimize your titles, tags, and video descriptions correctly.

When you build a loyal following and subscriber base, this results in repeat business. A customer that is following your company on social media is going to automatically turn to you when they require junk removal services in the future. Think long-term branding rather than a single acquisition, and watch your bottom line become much larger.

Reward Customers with Future Discounts for Sharing ‘Before and After’ Posts

Think beyond just your company’s social media accounts – try to get exposure on the profiles of your customers as well. An easy way to accomplish this is by offering a reward to those that share posts related to your junk removal business on their feeds while tagging your company’s account.

A themed challenge works well. A ‘before and after’ theme is very well-received, and it’s very easy for the customer – they just need to take a picture of the junk before you showing up and then a picture of the ‘after’ when you are done.

Require them to use a special hashtag and also tag your business. This makes monitoring this content easy on your end – locating it with a simple hashtag search. You can then reward the customer directly, and this also provides you with endless UGC – user-generated content.

Sharing and reposting this content on your social media feeds is a great way to highlight your work without it appearing to be overly promotional. Since it originates from customers’ it’s viewed – and received – much differently than if you originally posted it.

Final Thoughts

A junk removal social media marketing campaign can be created effortlessly when you know what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully, the information provided above helps you focus on the right platforms and create content that attracts high engagement rates.

When you empower your employees to create raw content it helps to showcase your company culture and it allows potential customers to put names and faces to your business. Today, customers want to associate a name and likeness to a business aside from just a name.

Many local businesses have seen incredible growth from a single viral TikTok video, and while going viral is very hard and not something you have control over, a popular video can help attract new junk removal customers without high acquisition costs.

Being active on social media is important, but it’s the type of content that your business posts that is the differentiating factor. If you have any questions about creating social media campaigns for your junk removal business please contact us and our team of junk removal marketing experts will help answer your questions and also provide helpful feedback based on your current strategies and marketing efforts.

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