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4 Junk Removal Marketing Tips For Real, Fast Growth

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Our junk removal marketing campaigns are designed to help your business grow quickly, taking advantage of the limitless potential that originates from Google searches. There are several ways that we can put your junk removal business in front of local customers that are seeking an immediate solution for their junk removal needs.

We are the premier junk removal marketing agency, and a lot of that has to do with our approach when creating campaigns for our clients. No two campaigns are the same – each business has different needs. A cookie-cutter marketing approach will not produce the excellent results we are accustomed to producing for our clients.

There are also some basic strategies that the majority of all junk removal marketing efforts we run will contain, and we feel it’s helpful that prospective clients understand the basic strategies utilized and why they are important.
 The below tips highlight four different junk removal marketing strategies that are highly effective and contribute to fast growth. Having a basic understanding of these ground-level strategies helps to create a strong agency-client relationship. After all, all of our clients are considered to be long-term partners, so it’s important that we behind to establish a strong relationship even before you officially engage the top junk removal marketing agency.

1. Redesigned Website for Conversion Rate Optimization Improvements

Many clients that come to us have a website that was built a while ago so it’s a bit outdated. Others with a more recent site sometimes used a junk removal web design company that built it more for looks rather than performance.

If we recommend a redesign of your junk removal website it’s because it needs to be optimized to convert its visitors into leads. A website that looks great but doesn’t do its job is useless, especially when you start to invest money into SEO and par for each visitor via pay-per-click ads.

Some websites require just minor changes while others would be better off starting from the ground up. We have a team of junk removal web design experts that understand how to make a website look amazing while still doing what it’s intended to do – generate leads for your junk removal business that you turn into customers.

Website traffic is great, but it’s just a vanity metric unless it’s generating revenue for your business. It’s also very important that your website is designed for mobile conversions. A large percentage of your traffic will be from mobile phones, so it’s important that a visitor call easily contact your business or submit a quote request from his or her mobile device.

From easy menu navigation to simple quote requests with minimal fields to input; we know how to design calls-to-action that can be easily completed on the smaller screens. Our junk removal web design division works hand-in-hand with our search engine optimization and PPC teams, ensuring that your website is designed to perform exceptionally well for both paid and organic Google traffic.

2. Local Service Google AdWords PPC for Junk Removal

When we kick off a full-service junk removal local marketing campaign fast results are the goal, and one of the ways to quickly attract local customers is to launch an AdWords campaign. Google PPC gives you access to instant traffic and you can have local customers calling your business within minutes of launching a campaign.

You are paying for each “click” so it’s important that intelligent keyword and phrases are targeted and a well-designed bidding strategy is used. Many business owners have a horrible first-time experience when it comes to junk removal PPC due to their lack of experience.

Without knowing what you are doing it’s possible to blow through an entire budget without seeing a return. This is another reason why it’s so important to partner with a junk removal local marketing agency that has experience with Google AdWords and also understands the junk removal business thoroughly.

Google AdWords has an option called Local Services, which gives them two options, directly from their mobile device, rather than sending them to your website. It’s still a PPC pricing and bidding models, but instead of being charged per click, you are paying per action.

The two available options are to call your business directly or send a message to your business. You field the calls and messages via a dedicated app created by Google specifically for the management of Local Services ads.

We find that these are the highest quality lead, as the potential customer has an immediate need and is interested in finding a solution. They are essentially yours to win over and convert with little to no competition.

3. Content Marketing: Monthly Blog Publishing

The goal of all junk removal company marketing campaigns is to increase organic traffic from Google. When you increase your monthly traffic each month it can snowball your revenue numbers. Even if you only attract an additional 500 visitors month-over-month, after one year you’re seeing 6,000 visitors hit your website annually that would have found another option.

Publishing content on your blog is a great way to attract organic traffic. We create content that is optimized for specific keywords and search phrases that someone is likely to enter into Google when looking for junk removal services in your local area.

This is an evergreen junk removal company marketing strategy that delivers value indefinitely, so it’s well worth the time and financial investment. As more content is added to your junk removal website’s blog you are creating an asset for your business that becomes more valuable over time.

Publishing informative blogs and also creating helpful content assets like infographics allows us to build links to your blog. This helps to increase your website authority, which then helps the content rank higher in Google.

All of this works together to increase the number of organic visitors your website and blog attract each month. As organic traffic increases, so should the volume of leads that your business receives.

Over time content marketing can help you to lower your customer acquisition cost when you blend it with your paid channels, like Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

4. Google My Business Listing Optimization

One of the main focuses when laying out a junk removal SEO plan is the optimization of your Google My Business profile. This free listing contains the information that Google’s algorithm uses when it returns the Maps results for local searches.

Your profile must be complete while also being optimized for specific keywords that will help land you at the top of the Google Maps results. From your description text to the number of junk removal Google Reviews your listing has and how frequently you gain new reviews, several factors contribute to where you rank position-wise in the results.

A complete re-write of the description is done by our junk removal search engine optimization team, and then a complete Google My Business audit is performed, addressing all of the important aspects that are important for optimal junk removal SEO results.

Automating the review process is also important, as we find when we can create a seamless process that reaches out to and follows up with every customer, the success rate for capturing new reviews is extremely high.

Final Thoughts

These are all very effective junk removal marketing tips that can help your business grow quickly, leveraging the massive amount of traffic on Google to exponentially scale. They require precise execution to acquire new customers at a cost that works with your margins.

When we work with our junk removal marketing clients we consider all factors, identifying a target customer acquisition cost. Several factors such as margins on specific services and the average lifetime value of your customers are taken into consideration to develop a campaign that delivers a positive ROI.

If you would like to learn more about the junk removal marketing services our agency offers, please contact us to schedule a consultation. There is no cost or obligation. Our team of online marketing experts will evaluate your current website traffic and rankings and develop a plan to help you experience significant growth in a short period of time.

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